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Transparent meter box making use of materials which have the characteristics

Source:Zhejiang HOREL Electrical CO.,LTD. Release date:2016-06-25 09:12:30

Learnabout it produced made public knows that it is the need of making acomposite resin material and a reinforcing material and other materialsproduced, its main purpose is to be able to better protect it, in orderto protect large public electrical safety. Then its material characteristics in the end, what does? Thisis our point of use in the public process, you must know someknowledge, this is of great significance to the national grid securityprotection, and the protection of their own safe use of electricity. In fact, now it's making material, MSA has a very good security, as long as we are able to correctly use, is still very safe.

Firstwe need to know its production, used in the production of thesematerials, is to better protect our electrical properties, but alsobetter protection we have a good electrical environment. Therefore,for the protection of electrical properties of the material produced inthe meter box which is very obvious, but the main thing is to betterprotect the good performance of our electricity. Wherein the fiber reinforced polyester material has good insulatingproperties, to better enhance the wires in the wire insulation, whichfor the electrical safety of the public, have a very good effect.

Secondly,because we all know that the meter box, whether indoors or outdoors,usually influenced by environmental factors, and most usually in outdoormeter box, although in the outdoor environment, there will still berelatively good protection, but still Wecan not help but be affected by external factors, so the meter box onthe choice of material production, we also know it is among thematerials used, or the need to have good corrosion resistance. Especially outdoors, because of rain and acid gas corrosion for a longtime, and affect the normal use of the meter box, meter box so for theproduction of the material, but also good corrosion resistance.

Thefinal step is for the quality and intensity meter boxes, meter boxesgenerally because in order to achieve better security, they still needsome light weight and high strength make the material.

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