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Single-family transparent meter box to install leakage circuit breakers

Source:Zhejiang HOREL Electrical CO.,LTD. Release date:2016-06-25 09:42:52

1. Drain maintainer wiring the power line is necessary connected directly above the drain maintainer, that marked on the housing of "Power" or "upstream" end; outlet are connected to the bottom, that is labeled "load" or "qualifying" end. If the line, outlet reversed, will cause the operation to maintain control after the destruction of the coil or affecting the maintenance unit is turned on, breaking capacity.
2. Drain maintainer assembly (1) drain maintenance should be fitted into the family line cross section smaller power strip or plastic meter box. After the meter assembly, fuses before. (2) all lighting circuits conductors (including the neutral line included), you have to go through a drain maintainer, and the neutral line and the need insulation. (3) should be fitted straight, tilt shall not exceed 5 ° (4) after the assembly drain maintainer, you can not remove a single phase knife switch and fuses. There is a clear break point when such a one maintenance equipment; the second is the knife or short circuit or overload fuse plays a maintenance role. Hao Rui electrical meter box and other important transparency in the production, sale, development!

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