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Now living in the meter box which range

Source:Zhejiang HOREL Electrical CO.,LTD. Release date:2016-06-25 09:43:29

Withthe current popularity of electrochemical devices are used in manyparts of the electricity, so the scope of the meter box, has also beenfurther improved. Weall know that the public currently, electricity and local scope, notjust limited to family life were also more related to industrialproduction, and a plurality of local agriculture and commerce. Thosewho use the electric place, then it must be more use of the meter box,because the use of the meter box, and this is for our country as well asthe public electricity grid secure a better protection. Electricity and different places and range, it has a different performance of the meter box.

Amongfamily life, because our household electricity are generally maintainedat about two hundred and twenty volts, so our family life among theelectricity meter box meter box are generally used normal household useand does not require too high-performance multi-meter box. But the meter box used in the home or need some good electricalinsulating properties and leak-proof electricity material to protect,but also high-strength corrosion-resistant material, because the meterbox to prevent the destruction of a security incident.

Inindustry and commerce and other electrical strength of a larger place,because these places will power voltage is higher than the family life,so these places used by the meter box is divided into different types. Forexample, cable branch box, low voltage distribution boxes and so manydifferent meter box, which gives us a lot of different types ofelectricity, it is precisely because of these different electricitymeter box, let's get a more secure electricity further improved.

Inshort now secure electricity, it is precisely because of the meter box,meter box now has such a good performance, the national grid forelectricity meter box users also have great protection, the purpose isto allow the public to be more well enjoy electricity safety and convenience. Justso that we the public will be able to live in them now, more convenientto use electricity more good to protect the development of life andindustry.

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