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HL30-63 disconnector switch

HL30-63 disconnector switch


Ⅰ. Scope of Application
HL30-100 series disconnector/
isolator (HL30 isolator) is applied to power distribution and control circuits of AC 50Hz/60Hz, rated voltage 230V or 400V and below, rated current up to 100A, offer non-loaded connecting& breaking with the power supply. It is widely used as master switch of terminal apparatus and also can used to disconnect & control all kinds of motors, appliances and lighting with small power. Its mechanical life is 10000 times, while electrical life is 6000 times.
HL30 isolator complies with Standard GB14048.3and IEC947-3.

Ⅱ. Types and Specifications
Isolator / Design code/ Frame size rated current/ Number of poles

Ⅲ. Normal Operating Conditions
◆ Ambient air temperature:  -5℃~+40℃. Average temperature is no more than +35℃.                             

◆ Altitude: ≤2000m                                                                         

◆ When ambient air temperature is up to 40℃, the relative air humidity can not exceed 50%. The maximum RH could reach to 90%.
◆ Pollution degree: level II.
◆ Utilization category: AC-22A
◆ Mounting method: TH35-7.5 type din-rail mounted. The installation tilt angle against vertical surface should no more than 5°.  

Ⅳ. Structural Features
HL30 isolator adopts double-break contact system with direct-acting type structure. Two parallel contact sets is suitable for large current, which can increase and compensate current capacity by making full use of electromotive force. The spring stored energy of its handle mechanism can realize fast connecting and breaking, which overcome slow manual operation and increase the working capacity at the meanwhile. Distinct indication of the contact status (closed-open) can avoid malfunction and greatly improve safety & security.

Ⅴ. Main Technical Parameters

Rated current(A)


Number of poles(P)


Rated operating voltage(V)

Single phase 230

Three-phase 400

Rated short-time withstand current

12le, conduction time: 1s

Rated short circuit making capacity

20le,conduction time: 0.1s

Rated switching on and breaking capacity


Operating performance

No-load 8500 times,on-load 1500times.10000 times in total

Ⅵ. Installment and Use
■ Check first before installation to see if the specifications comply with actual operating condition.                                                                                               

■ Snap-in din rail mounted as shown in the picture. Handle at up position means connecting(On), with red light. Handle at down position means breaking(Off), with green light.
■ In-line of power supply should be connected from the top of switch, while out-line be connected from the bottom terminal of switch. Tightening the copper conductor to avoid wires loosing out or exposed outside.                                                                         

■ Manual operation before power on. The handle mechanism should be moved flexibly and smoothly.                                                                                   

■ Away from any invasion of rain during its usage, storage and transportation.                             

■ HL30 isolator can withstand short circuit current under abnormal conditions within a certain time. And it can also be used as infrequent overload switching. But it can not be used to break the fault current.



Ⅶ. Outline and Installation Dimension

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Ⅷ. Order Notice
The following information shall be provided in ordering:
Product Name and Type: HL30 isolator/disconnector.
Rated Current: Like, 100A.
Poles: 3P.
Order Quantity: Like , 8888pcs.
Ordering Example:  HL30 isolator, 100A,3P,777pcs.

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