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Adhering to the commitment and sincere cooperation
Pay attention to the cooperation of sales network in order to achieve "win-win" goal, efforts to create a communication platform for customers to resolve customer problems and complaints in time. we has a perfect customer service that will develop appropriate a business process depending on the business type. carry out operational capacity and business skills training courses pertinently,continuing to improve the comprehensive ability of staff. provide "higher, more professional, better" service with quality and efficiency for our customers around the value of "commitment, honesty, cooperation and innovation".We set up a "call center", unified phone number: 86-13375772719, dial (use of time: a normal working day 0: 00-24: 00) through the voice menu

Business areas
First take responsibility of business; Customer service staff respond to customer directly or after consultation with the relevant departments .

First, the product technical support and quality consulting:
Technical support: answer customer some question about product technology consulting, selection and matching. Quality Advisory: resolve Consulting and judgment of Product Quality,suggestions and complaints of various types of quality problems and provide on-site service.

 Second, order processing and business consulting:
Order Processing: accepting consulting of the orders for business process , return goods handling, providing solutions on product delivery and schedule.Guide operations of online orders business . Business Consulting: To provide customers with the price consulting,policy of return and exchange and other appropriate business .


Third, the proposed complaints and other business:

Collect customer suggestions and complaints . handled all kinds of business (such as: packaging error, logistics, orders , service attitude, etc.) and other related businesses.

TEL : 0577-62786986
ADD : No119 Xinguang Road Industry Liushi Town Yueqing City
Zhejiang Province China
WEB : www.chinahorel.com
E-mail : alan@chinahorel.com

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