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Companies with IEC60898 and GB10963.1 as the standard, carried out a thorough quality management system planning, the establishment of a complete quality management system, and access to national CCC certification and CE certification.

The company set up directly under the leadership of top management quality management department in the organizational structure, responsible for implementing the company full-time

Quality policy, quality objectives, to maintain the effective operation of ISO9001 quality management system to control product quality and achieve continual improvement of product and service quality. Meanwhile, the company management, the president appointed a management representative, responsible in accordance with GB / T19001-2008 "Quality Management Systems - Requirements" establish, implement and maintain a quality management system, the operation of the quality system of reporting to the general manager in a timely manner implementation of organization, coordination, monitoring the quality system, and promote the formation of all the staff to meet customer requirements of quality conscious, have the right to stop and correct the non-compliant behavior, organizational departments concerned to take corrective and preventive measures to verify the validity of the results.

Over the years, the company always adhere to the "high-quality products, professional services," the quality, in strict accordance with GB / T19001-2008 "Quality Management Systems - Requirements" standards, standardize management, on the basis of full participation, effectively improve product quality, improve the company's quality objectives year after year, take the road of sustainable development. Each year, the center of all of our certified quality management system for the company's surveillance audit to confirm the effectiveness of our quality management system to run.


In particular, the company attaches importance to the optimization of business processes, involving the collection of information from the customer, conversion, processing, the product of independent research and development, procurement, production, testing, delivery and other aspects of continuous improvement processes, reducing unnecessary links, improve overall operational efficiency company, to enhance the overall competitiveness of the company. Customers through the annual audit,


Third-party certification bodies supervise audits and the company's own internal audit, management review and other quality activities on the quality management system adequacy, appropriateness, effectiveness evaluation, and timely detection of problems or potential problems with its implementation of appropriate corrective, precautions until verification measures are effective.


On product quality assurance is only a starting point, not the end, this is the best product quality commitment to customers.


Product Quality

The focus is to ensure that manufacturing sectors, companies from five factors "man, machine, material, method," and enhanced management and control capabilities, Build on the various aspects related to the process control system, be sure to do "their talent, machines do it, the best use of materials, methods to make its operation, the ring should do their best."


To enable the company to achieve a higher level of product quality, further meet customer needs, the company implemented a comprehensive performance appraisal management system, a comprehensive evaluation of the performance of their staff, so that employees know their work and get up efforts

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